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Website design professional business introduction - "A brand is an invaluable asset" - this is considered as one of the ten maxims best and most correct assessment of the role and value of the brand for business Industry.

Your business is only really famous when your brand in the market is confirmed. Join us to learn about the process of web design for your business in our company. VDO was established to help you realize that goal with website design services businesses, we will contribute to creating an image, put your company brand closer to readers via the Internet web over the whole bridge. In the era of information technology to the throne as now, the information becomes a limitless resource exploitation as there are more and more new things. The power of the Internet makes businesses want to conquer by the PR name, its brand on the potential strength there. If you do not already own now its own website, it's a big disadvantage.

Website Design Company

Web Design now become an essential service and concern for all business enterprises. Being one of the services offered by the Company strengths VDO, the process of website design firms dedicated team highly qualified in VDO done in a professional manner, high efficiency.

Your business will receive benefits when cooperate with the company VDO? In the process of web design businesses, VDO offers integrated features Vietnam with great app store:

1. Usage Module: This module allows enterprise companies divided into product categories can vary according to the needs such as split into the furniture, handicraft products, agricultural products ... etc. Presenting information and images of the product price in the form of e-catalogs. Each product will have one order form comes, help customers easily order.

2. Service Module: Displays information about the image of the business services available. Each service has 1 service request form attached, allowing customers to easily contact when necessary.

3. Module News: Module allows subdivided into different categories such news domestic news, international news, technology news, local news ...

4. Module FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions: This module helps businesses posting frequently asked questions from customers and answer content from the enterprise, to create a professional look to the viewer about the product - translation his service. Integrated help customers conveniently send requests, suggestions, comments ... until now.

5. Recruitment Module: Enables businesses publish recruitment information to identify potential candidates themselves.

6. Create a poll module, Polls: Businesses can put questions to the poll of customers visiting the website.

7. Advertising Online Module: Allows enterprises to manage the banner, logo of partners on its website, generates revenue from the website.

8. Utility Module search: Includes 2 search functions: Quick Search and Advanced search. Quick Search: allows viewers to quickly find any information in the website through simple manipulation is to enter your search term and hit Enter to produce results. Advanced Search: allows users to view search area limit information to show the results more accurate ... For example: looking for marked and unmarked ...

9. Module counter, website statistics: Includes the access count users, accessing the website, counts were considered for each product, website statistics covered by the product, including hits, including Online visitors ... by day, by hour

10. Some other utilities Module:

Information about partner

News management functions

Contact function, response

Statistics visitors

Information and images of agents and branches of companies

Introduce showroom Products Company

11. Designing corporate website seo standards:

In the process of website design, web experts have additional support seo tools currently considered optimal efficiency and help businesses make it easier than in the process of bringing up corporate brand Top 10 searches on google.

Owning a professional website with a unique full-featured support for the web has never been easier to like that, just to VDO everything that will be at your fingertips.

Website Design Company - VDO provides website design solutions to introduce the company to the appropriate cost, aesthetics and professional.

Wish you success!


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