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Website plays an increasingly important role in every business, owning a beautiful and attractive website interface, professional, friendly and easy to use functions, in addition to the Web should be optimized properly to best displayed in Google search results. Website brings more potential customers through search engines like Google.

Why should own a beautifully designed website and professionally?

Like a store, a business, the facade decoration, seating area is very important because it is the first impression of customers visiting the store or your business. Customers will assess groundwater levels of the business professional or a retail store that initial impression. So if you own a website design sales, website design business professional and beautiful interface, it means that you have created a good impression with your customers.

How is a professional website?

1. Interface website design impressed on demand customers, ensure the unique, unduplicated. Designed in the style simple, modern and luxurious.

2. Programming Technology: Using powerful programming technology and the most advanced available today.

3. Compression Technology page (webpage compression): All sites are automatically compressed when the load on the transmission line and automatically decompress in the browser viewer, thereby reducing considerably the page load time, reduce bandwidth spend the entire website.

4. Technology data buffer (data caching): With buffer mechanism advanced data developed by a team of Vietnamese SEO, all data from the database (database) of the website will be stored in the buffer ( cache) and this buffer will cater for the requirements of the user access instead of querying the database directly. This allows great improvement of the website response speed while consuming minimal resources of host.

5. Technologies self-image processing: The image will be cropped or resized itself under 1 optimum size, preserving the original proportions to avoid distortion when displayed on the website, in other words, with the This technology, you will not have to bother about the problem or create thumbnail image resize manually to display images.

6. Compatible browsers: Website is designed to have the best compatibility with popular browsers in the world today, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera.

7. Compatible with the search engines: Website will be designed with the advanced techniques - specially optimized for popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista ...), help improve things website rating on the search engines, increasing the amount of visitors to your website, thereby increasing promotion opportunities - investing for your guests.

8. Do not use open source: With a thickness of over 8 years of experience and hundreds of projects experienced web design, SEO team of Vietnam has successfully applied to content management system by the Vietnamese website SEO Research research and development, without using any web content management system is available (free open source). This will contribute to increase the security and stability of the site, meet the requirements and specific characteristics of each business company. Warranty period Unlimited website: Along with product quality has been tested through practice, Vietnam SEO has been applied warranty unlimited time for all websites designed by us and hosted on servers Vietnam SEO.

Choosing SEO Web Design in Vietnam because:


- Vietnam SEO professional team, understands the market and technology.

Website created by our technical analysis and apply the latest techniques.

-   Sitemaps are carefully considered, compatible with good support SEO google.

-   We are professional in design management software, web and mobile apps using PHP technology.

Process design of the Vietnamese Professional SEO website includes the following steps:

Step 1: To receive information from your orders

- When customers send orders Website design, consulting team received your request and then get back to you according to the information email, or leave your phone in your order.

Step 2:
Analyze requirements

- Based on the information and design requirements of our customers, we analyze a clear purpose, requirements and aspirations ... of customers. Planning for the project implementation, website structure analysis, and build system menu structure matching criteria your orders.

Step 3:
Quotations to customers

- After the survey and analysis required business personnel sent detailed quotations to customers, the two sides agreed to the deal on the price of progress:

+ Get image information provided customer data.

+ Sign contracts in advance and website design phase 1.

Step 4: Interface Design

- Based on the structural requirements and the annex to the contract, a room designed to interface conducting and emailed to you on the interface. Customers see the structure and conduct phases: browser interface, browse layout layout structure, after customers browse interface switch next stitch

Step 5: Programming website

- After the interface design is complete, the technical side will complete the structure programming and layout (blueprint client browser).

Step 6:
Check website

- Additional requirements and more functional programming (if needed). Commissioning and editing Website under the technical analysis. Ensure the removal of the residual error.

Step 7: Guidance on the website update

- After the completion of the website design, programming, SEO Vietnam handover and instructions on how to update the content on the website. Customers responsible for editorial content as well as providing for the image if Vietnam SEO to support 01 functional components product updates on the website.

Step 8: Liquidation and website maintenance

- Conducting handover to client website and liquidation website.
- Maintenance service for free until the customers stop using the website.

Customer satisfaction is the success of Vietnam SEO. Therefore, we are committed to strict compliance with the product development process standards, in order to create quality products that meet the needs and goals of the enterprise. Vietnam SEO guarantees to bring you the beautiful website design, quality at the most reasonable price, ensuring customers get the best benefits. We will always travel with you and develop. You can be assured of the product samples that we developed will bring high value and most practical for you.


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